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Soundbar LED Display: NO FW or stuck on UPG--

In rare instances, the soundbar will be stuck in in UPG when upgrading firmware.


If the soundbar displays UPG-- more than 30 seconds,

  • Unplug the USB from the back of the soundbar.

  • The soundbar will display FAIL and reboot.

  • Reinsert the USB drive, switch the soundbar to USB mode and perform the upgrade again.

If the soundbar is stuck in UPG-- even after rebooting, it means that the USB drive is not compatible.  

  • Power off the soundbar by unplugging the power cord.

  • Insert a compatible drive with the correct firmware, power on the soundbar and the upgrade should start automatically.

If you need a USB drive with preloaded firmware, please contact

For other information, visit the firmware pages for the following models:

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