What If The Wireless Subwoofer Signal is Slowing Down My WiFi Speed?

Our soundbars utilize industry standard 5.8Ghz wireless chipsets to send audio wirelessly to the subwoofers. Why is the industry standard 5.8GHz? It is to avoid interference with 5-GHz Wi-Fi home routers, of which 99% of them operate on 5-GHz frequencies that are around the middle of the 5-GHz frequency spectrum. However, there is still a small risk of interference, which may result in slower/weaker WiFi connection and audio drop-out on subwoofer(s).


A simple fix will be to change the frequency that your router is operating at to avoid such interference (All routers come with multiple operating frequency options).


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Shockwafe Soundbar Wireless Frequency: 5.725 - 5.875 GHz


Recommended operating frequency for 5-GHz Wi-Fi Router:

DO NOT USE the following operating frequencies for your 5-GHz Wi-Fi Router:

Note: Depending on modem specification, DO NOT use Auto option for channel selection as the 5 GHz modem may switch to these channels that will interfere with your Shockwafe soundbar.

For the detailed instructions on how to change the WiFi router operating frequency:

  1. Netgear wireless routers

  2. Linksys wireless routers

  3. Asus wireless routers

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