Harmony Remote Setup

Step-by-Step Instructions for Best Experience
(Reference Model: Harmony Touch 950)


Adding Devices, Activities And Home Control

  1. Download and install the Harmony software on your PC / Mac

  2. If this is your first Harmony remote, create a new account. If you have an existing Harmony account, sign in to add this new remote.

  3. Using the supplied USB cable,  connect Harmony 950 to your computer.

  4. Click on the arrow button at the sides of the image to go forward/backward for settings. (Click on the image to enlarge)

Step 1: Adding Shockwafe Soundbar



  1. Home > Devices > Add Devices > Manufacturer (Nakamichi), Device Model Number (Shockwafe) > Add > select Nakamichi Shockwafe DTS:X > OK > Add

1. Home


Step 2: Adding Activities (TV)



  1. Home > Activities > Add Activity > Watch TV > Next > Change Activity Name (Power On) > Next > Select Devices to Power On > Next > Select Nakamichi to control volume > Next > Select TV option for your TV > Next > Select HDMI 1 option for Nakamichi > Next > Done

1. Home > Activities > Add Activity


Step 3. Adding Activities (Smart TV)



  1. Home > Activities > Add Activity > Additional Watch TV > Next > Change Activity Name (Smart TV) > Next > Select SmartHub option for your smart TV > Next > Select HDM1 option for Nakamichi > Next > Done

1. Home > Activities > Add Activity


Step 4. Adding Activities (Devices - Apple TV)



  1. Home > Activities > Add Activity > Watch Apple TV > Next > Change Activity Name (Watch Apple TV) > Next > Select TV, Soundbar, Apple TV > Next > Done

1. Home > Activities > Add Activity


Step 5. Syncing Devices & Activities



  1. When TV, Soundbar, Smart TV, Devices are added, click on Sync button on the top right corner

  2. Wait for Devices and Activities to Sync

  3. Sync is completed at 100% progress

1. Click Sync Button on the Top Right Corner of the Screen


5. That’s it! Harmony will transfer all settings to your remote while syncing. A tutorial screen will appear when you first use your remote. To exit the tutorial, tap on the “X” located at the right side of the remote's screen. To never show the tutorial again, tap on the box at the top left, followed by the “X” at the right.


Remember to turn off the CEC-OTP on your soundbar so you can manually select the input sources. 

  1. Press the SETUP button on your remote to cycle through the system settings until you see the CEC-OTP option

  2. Press the    /    button to change the selection value. (ON -> OFF)

  3. Press ENTER button to save your settings value

Due to the location of the infrared sensor on the soundbar, it might take some time to get used to the remote control. If your soundbar is sitting at a lower level from your hand or remote position, tilting the remote downwards by 15-25 degrees (as if you are aiming the remote slightly towards the ground) when using it will make a meaningful difference on the responsiveness of the soundbar.

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