For Plus 5.2 (2018)


Please READ the following information before upgrading your soundbar to ensure a smooth firmware upgrade experience.

MUST DO! To verify current soundbar firmware version, press INFO button on soundbar remote to toggle "FWXX":

-> "FW21"- Latest firmware installed. NO Upgrade Required.

-> "FW10"- Upgrade Required.

Use an USB drive with the following requirements:
1. USB 2.0
2. Maximum drive size 32GB
3. FAT16/FAT32 file format (see 
HERE for how to reformat an USB drive)

Compatible USB drives we have tested:

Kingston USB Drive >

Kingston Digital DataTraveler USB Drive >

San Disk >

Transcend JetFlash >

A. Preparing the USB Drive

1. Plug an USB drive onto your PC.

2. Reformat the USB drive to "FAT16" or "FAT32" format

>> For detailed instructions on how to reformat your USB drive, visit HERE



B. Downloading the Firmware

1. Download the firmware.

2. Unzip the downloaded file to retrieve "FW_XXX.BIN" file. (XXX = soundbar model code. P71 => Pro 7.1, P52 => Plus 5.2)

3. Place the "FW_XXX.BIN" file onto the USB drive.

>> For detailed information on how to download and unzip the file, visit HERE

** To learn how to unzip the files, simply click on the underlined link instructions: 

Windows OS, Mac OS.



C. Disconnecting all HDMI cables from the Shockwafe soundbar 



D. Upgrading the Shockwafe Soundbar 

1. Insert the USB drive to the USB port at the back of the soundbar.

2. Press the USB button on the remote control to switch soundbar to USB mode.

3. Press and hold the ENTER button until "UPG--" is displayed on the front LED display.

4. Firmware upgrade progress will be displayed on the LED display with numeric percentage (MCUXX%, DSPXX%, HDMXX%, TXXX% and BTXX%, XX = 2-digit numbers).

5. The upgrade process may take 5 to 10 minutes. DO NO UNPLUG USB DRIVE OR POWER OFF THE SOUNDBAR!

6. Once the firmware upgrade is completed, the soundbar will restart automatically.

7. Verify the soundbar firmware version by pressing INFO button multiple times until "FWXX" is displayed on the LED display. (XX represents the soundbar firmware and it should be corresponding to the firmware version installed if it is done successfully)



E. DO NOT UPGRADE your subwoofer(s)

DO NOT plug the USB drive into the subwoofer(s). This firmware is not intended for the subwoofer(s)! You are required to upgrade the soundbar only.


F. Resetting the Soundbar

1. Ensure the soundbar is turned ON and no HDMI/Optical cable is connected to soundbar at this point.

2. Press SETUP button multiple times to locate RESET function.

3. Press ENTER button to select the function.

4. Press ENTER button again to confirm reset function.

5. The soundbar now will restart automatically to complete the reset sequence. (“HELLO” appears on soundbar LED and it will be back to ARC mode by default)

6. Press DEMO button on top of the soundbar to perform sound check on each channel



G. Re-establish HDMI connection with TV

1. Disconnect all HDMI cables connected to TV and soundbar

2. Power OFF the TV, soundbar and other devices

3. Unplug the power cord of TV, soundbar and other devices from power outlets

4. Wait for 5 minutes to clear the internal memory

5. Plug the power cord of TV and soundbar back to power outlet

6. Power ON the soundbar and TV

7. Connect a HDMI cable to soundbar HDMI 1 ARC and TV HDMI ARC

8. Ensure the soundbar is switched to ARC mode

9. Play any 5.1 content on TV and verify the TV audio is playing on the soundbar
10. Configure the TV audio settings 

11. Press INFO button on your soundbar remote to verify audio format received on your soundbar

12. Proceed to connect content devices one by one

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