Why my soundbar takes a few seconds to produce sound when switching sources or surround formats?

Our soundbar system is fully capable on processing VIDEO content up to 4K UHD with HDCP 2.2 and passing it thru to the TV. At the same time, it is also processing and upmixing AUDIO from PCM, Bitstream, Dolby or DTS to multi-channels surround sound (depending on your soundbar model). The audio upmixing task is especially computing power intensive.

Therefore, by comparison, our DTS:X soundbar is handling a much heavier load of audio and video processing against a conventional 2.1 channel virtual surround soundbar.


That's why we have chose a top-of-the-line Cirrus Logic quad-core processor. This is the very best in the industry that also is used by premium audio video receivers.

Video game menus, tv broadcast commercials are both recorded in PCM while game plays and tv programs are usually encoded in Dolby surround format. During transitions between PCM and Dolby format, the soundbar will mute for a second or so before outputting audio.