If you are upgrading from another HDMI soundbar, please follow the instructions to refresh the HDMI communication.


Note: Most TVs are likely to be stuck with your old soundbar settings if you do not perform an HDMI refresh. This may affect audio performance and connectivity issues such as CEC not functioning.




Unplug all the HDMI cables from the sound bar, TV and media streaming devices. (It is important to disconnect all devices from the TV and soundbar.)



Do a sound bar hard reset:
1.    Power off the sound bar
2.    Unplug the sound bar's power cord from the wall socket
3.    Wait 1 minute
4.    Plug the sound bar's AC cord back into the wall socket



Next,  (do not connect all your other media devices)
1.    connect the HDMI cable to HDMI port with ARC on your TV
2.    Turn on the TV
3.    Plug the HDMI cable back into the sound bar
4.    Turn on the sound bar


Do a CEC search and set the audio format on your TV:




After which, connect your streaming devices back to the sound bar and play content.


Once HDMI-CEC is set, never manually power off our sound bar. Always use the Tv’s remote control to power off the TV and it will auto power off our sound bar. Same for powering on the TV, it will auto power on our sound bar. The moment you manually power off the soundbar, the HDMI-CEC handshake connection will be lost. Resulting in no audio or not able to connect to HDMI CEC and you will have to manually set it up again.

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