For Shockwafe Pro 7.1 DTS:X (2018)


This firmware is strictly for Pro 7.1 DTS:X (2018) soundbar system only. Perform soundbar reset after the firmware installation is completed.

Please READ the following information before upgrading your soundbar to ensure a smooth firmware upgrade experience.


MUST DO! To verify current soundbar firmware version, press INFO button on soundbar remote to toggle "FWXX":

-> "FW21"- Latest firmware installed. NO Upgrade Required.

-> "FW10"- Upgrade Required.

Use an USB drive with the following requirements:
1. USB 2.0
2. Maximum drive size 32GB
3. FAT16/FAT32 file format (see 
HERE for how to reformat an    USB drive)

Compatible USB drives we have tested:

Kingston USB Drive >


1. Refer to Firmware Installation Guide for step-by-step instructions

2. This firmware upgrade is required to be done on the SOUNDBAR ONLY.


Change Log:

Firmware 2.1 (September 17, 2018)

1. Improves overall volume curve loudness
2. Increases center channel volume
3. Improves stereo PCM audio listening experience
4. Improves music audio performance in Bluetooth mode
5. Resolves rear surround channel audio issue when playing 5.1 content in Native mode
6. Improves bass performance when listening to music at low volume (Applicable for Bluetooth mode)
7. Includes all improvements in previous firmware (Firmware 1.0C released on July 6, 2018)

Firmware 1.0C (July 6, 2018)

1. Resolves intermittent mute audio issues with PCM content playback

2. Includes all the improvements in previous firmware (Firmware 1.0B released on April 9, 2018) 

Firmware 1.0B (April 9, 2018)

  1. Master volume with finer incremental for better volume adjustment (Volume level from 0 to 100 with 2 steps increment). Overall loudness remains unchanged. Easier for listeners to find their optimal volume preference. For detailed explanation about the volume adjustment, visit Volume Adjustment Differences page

  2. Improvement on audio balance between all audio channels

  3. Introducing subwoofer cross-cover setting for different consumer preferences (Default is set to 180Hz with 140Hz and 110Hz as other options)

  4. Introducing surround balance adjustment for more flexible speaker placement (LEFT Surrounds and RIGHT Surrounds can be adjusted from -3dB to +3dB)

  5. Night mode can now direct access to Dynamic Range Compression (DRC) 100%, 50% and Off (Dynamic Range Compression is a feature to balance the range between the loudest and quietest sound)

  6. BT and USB mode is now set to Stereo and Native mode as default for better audio clarity and dynamic

  7. Improvement on stereo PCM for better bass response, audio dynamic and overall loudness, optimizing the audio playback for most common broadcast and streaming contents (Available for HDMI, Optical and Coaxial input sources)

  8. Resolved issue of “ARC” blinking on LED display with some TV models

  9. Improvement on auto standby feature

  10. Resolved issue with Chartered and Verizon IR remote control interference on our soundbar

  11. Changes on the information displayed on soundbar’s LED panel (by pressing Info button on remote control):

    • Audio Decoder format e.g. DTS, DOLBY or PCM

    • DSP (EQ) 

    • Volume

    • Bass Level

    • Center Level

    • Treble Level

    • Surround Left & Right channel levels

    • Surround Back Left & Right channel levels

    • Surround Balance RIGHT

    • Surround Balance LEFT

    • Channel Mapping (Pure direct, Native, Neural: X)

    • Stereo Mode (Stereo, OFF Stereo)

    • Dynamic Range Control (100%, 50%, OFF)

    • ECO (ON, OFF)

    • Subwoofer Cross-Over (180Hz, 140Hz, 110Hz)

    • Firmware Version

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