If Your Subwoofer Cannot Pair with Soundbar After Firmware Upgrade 


Please READ the following information before upgrading your soundbar to ensure a smooth firmware upgrade experience.

Use an USB drive with the following requirements:
1. USB 2.0
2. Maximum drive size 32GB
3. FAT16/FAT32 file format (see 
HERE for how to reformat an USB drive)

Compatible USB drives we have tested:

Kingston USB Drive >

A. Preparing the USB Drive

  1. Load a USB drive onto your computer, reformat the USB drive to "FAT26" or "FAT32"

  2. Open up file manager > Right click and select USB drive > Select format > FAT16 or FAT32

For detailed information on how to reformat your USB drive, visit Here


B. Downloading the Firmware

  1. Download the firmware via the Firmware Download button above

  2. Extract the zip and upload the "FW_E72.BIN" file onto the USB drive (download the firmware via the button on top of the page)

For detailed information on how to download and unzip the file, visit Here

C. Power off the soundbar and subwoofer(s)

D. Upgrading the Shockwafe DTS:X Series Subwoofer

  1. Power off the subwoofer that is unable to pair with the soundbar

  2. Insert the USB drive loaded with firmware file to the USB port at the back of the subwoofer

  3. Power ON the subwoofer

  4. The installation should take place automatically. Red light will start blinking and blue light will be off.

  5. If the Red light does not start blinking after 30 seconds, press the hold the small button next to the USB drive for 10 seconds and let go to initiate the update process.

  6. The upgrade process will take a few minutes. DO NOT REMOVE THE USB DRIVE EARLY!

  7. Once the firmware upgrade is completed, the Blue LED on the back of the subwoofer will start blinking automatically

  8. Power OFF the subwoofer(s)

E. Re-linking the subwoofer(s) to the soundbar

  1. Power ON the LEFT subwoofer

  2. Press and hold PAIRING button at the back of LEFT subwoofer until the Blue LED light starts blinking rapidly

  3. Power ON the RIGHT subwoofer

  4. Press and hold PAIRING button at the back of RIGHT subwoofer until the Blue LED light starts blinking rapidly

  5. Power ON the soundbar

  6. Press the SOURCE button (second left button on top of soundbar) to toggle USB mode

  7. Press and hold the DEMO button until "PAIR-" is shown on LED display

  8. Once the linking process is completed, the soundbar's LED display will show "DONE" and the Blue LED light at the back of the subwoofer(s) will stay lit constantly

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