Devices are Turning On/Off and Switching Inputs Randomly

For devices switching randomly, this has to do with HDMI-CEC device priority that is taking place.

Click HERE to check each of your device for their respective HDMI-CEC settings.

If device's CEC is set to ON, it will trigger the soundbar to switch to the connected input if there is any activity with the device. When any button of the CEC-enabled device's remote control is pressed, it will wake up the device and send a HDMI-CEC signal to our soundbar. This will trigger the soundbar to automatically switch to the connected input. 


In general, we do not recommend turning on CEC on all content devices (enable for TV only) as multiple devices will fight for control simultaneously. This may cause devices to become unresponsive.

How the HDMI CEC works:

Once HDMI CEC is enabled, your soundbar remote’s power button will no longer function as it’s not the slave device to the TV (set as master device based on HDMI device priority). With CEC enabled, always use your TV’s remote control to power ON and OFF the soundbar.


Once HDMI-CEC is set up, do not use our soundbar remote control to Power ON or OFF the soundbar. The TV’s HDMI-CEC has taken control over the soundbar’s power ON/OFF functionality, the power button on soundbar remote control will become secondary, which will result in no response or delay on the soundbar.

To watch other source devices besides TV, always use your source device’s remote control to power ON (or press play button) the device. The source device will send a HDMI-CEC signal to your TV and to the soundbar to automatically power ON.

When finished watching a movie or TV, always use the TV remote control to power OFF. The TV will send HDMI-CEC signal to the soundbar and the source device to automatically power them OFF.

Note: Different manufacturers have modified the CEC features to suit their needs. This may cause CEC communication issue and may forces connected devices (e.g audio device, soundbar, receiver, etc) to perform command unintentionally.

Learn more: https://source.android.com/devices/tv/hdmi-cec

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